SunnyFruit是一个大型的控股集团,这是在水果和蔬菜加工专业,以及罐头食品制造业。该集团成立于2003年,五个附属公司从事不同的活动组成。 SunnyFruit在2010年,成为率先成立海外合资企业,加工异国情调的热带水果。 SunnyFruit已与许多县建立了业务关系:日本,韩国,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,乌克兰,俄罗斯,加拿大,美国等。该公司的5个冷库,占地面积9000多平方米的面积,年生产能力超过120,000吨。
SunnyFruit is a large holding group which is specializing in fruits and vegetables processing, as well as manufacturing of canned food. The group was established in 2003, consisting of five subsidiary companies engaged in dissimilar activities. In 2010, SunnyFruit become the first to set up overseas joint venture - in Vietnam, processing tropical exotic fruit. SunnyFruit has established business relations with many counties: Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Russian, Canada, USA and so on. The company’s five refrigeratories covers an area of more than 9,000 square metres, and the annual production capacity is over 120,000 tons.