GamARde - 包装设计
珂玛德(Gamarde)是苗植实验室(PHYT’S Laboratories)旗下的知名品牌之一,苗植实验室(PHYT’S Laboratories)是著名的生物学和理疗学家Jean-Paul Llopart于1972年创建的,他坚信美容和健康密不可分且秉持“自然美容护理”(Naturo-Beauty Care)的创新理念。
Gamarde is one of the seedlings planted Laboratory (PHYT'S Laboratories)'s well-known brands, seedling planting Laboratory (PHYT'S Laboratories) is a famous scientist in biology and physiotherapy Jean-Paul Llopart created in 1972, he convinced that beauty and health are inseparable and uphold the "natural beauty care" (Naturo-Beauty Care) innovative ideas.